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Our Product is electric & telecommunication Equipment

Our expertise is in producing and providing emergency power equipment and telecommunication equipment of the highest quality Foursatkish.

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Production and representation of KSTAR and Foursat Power UPS


Production and representation of Delta and Foursat Power stabilizer


Inverter. We sell power Inverters in different models with long life


We try to offer durable batteries with warranty to our customers

About Us

Foursat Kish Company was established in 2006 with the support of knowledge and experience in telecommunications, electricity and electronics, data center infrastructures. Fifteen-year presence in the field of supplying equipment and services in the telecommunications, electricity and information technology sectors, especially providing the possibility of purchasing UPS, modular UPS and buying stabilizers to solve electrical challenges in the country and a good record of cooperation in national projects. This company is committed to providing the latest technologies with the highest quality, welcome, approvals and satisfaction Buyers represent the quality of products and technical support of this company.

Telecommunication equipment

Our UPS products

our stabilizers

KSTAR Stabilizer

Stabilizer KSTAR Relay Series 45-280 V

KSTAR Stabilizer

KSTAR Servo Series 280-450 V

DELTA Stabilizer

Three Phase 15 ~ 150 KVA / 285 – 440 Vac Single Phase 8 ~ 20 KVA / 160 – 255 Vac

FoursatPower Stabilizer

Three Phase 15 – 100 KVA / 275 – 450 Vac Single Phase 3 – 20 KVA / 160 – 260 Vac


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  • 24 Mar 2022
  • foursat
  • ups

UPS for data center UPS for data center

In this article we want to talk about UPS for data center. The main goal of data centers is that the maximum time or so called up to...

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